Alcohol at Medical Student Events


Implement a policy regarding alcohol at medical student events.


1. A request form will be submitted to the UCSF Campus Office of Student Life 10 days prior to the scheduled UCSF event. Members of RCOs and the Associated Students of the School of Medicine (ASSM) must create an event in OrgSync, where they will be prompted about alcohol use permission. Students who want to request to serve alcohol for a class event should do so through ASSM.

2. A representative of the hosting organization/department, who is responsible for the event, will be present at all times during the function.

3. Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed by individuals under 21 years of age. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available in sufficient quantities.

3. Although alcoholic beverages will be given away, they will not be sold at this event.

4. Any special need for security will be determined by the Site Scheduling Coordinator and/or the UCSF Campus Director of the Office of Student Life in cooperation with UC Police Department as necessary.

5. Publicity for the event will not advertise the availability of alcoholic beverages.

6. The event will be confined to members of the campus community and their guests. The term "guest" does not imply the general public.

7. Please act responsibly when you are representing the school and the field of medicine. Remember that patients and families are nearby.

Approval Date and Governing Body: School of Medicine Curriculum Committees, November 2012. Form submission instructions updated February, 2013 and June, 2016.

Last Reviewed Date: July 30, 2019