Student Participation in Curriculum Evaluation


The purpose of this policy is to outline the requirements of student participation in the evaluation of courses, educators, and other educational programs or interventions in the School of Medicine.


Students are expected to complete their evaluation assignments in a timely manner in order to inform ongoing decision making and improve the curriculum/program educators, course directors, and educational leadership for ongoing decision-making and improvements. The School of Medicine makes every effort to ensure that the quantity of evaluations assigned is manageable for students.

Related LCME Standards

8.4: Program Evaluations

8.5: Student Feedback


Bridges Curriculum evaluation policies and procedures should:

1. Provide the School of Medicine with the important information needed to guide curricular decision making that:

a. Meets the needs for continuous quality improvement of the curriculum;

b. Provides in-depth, dynamic data on the initial implementation phase of the curriculum.

2. Be respectful of student time and avoid student evaluation overload.

3. Meet institutional needs, such as course director decision making and teaching faculty promotion and tenure requirements.

4. Follow sound and rigorous evaluation principles and methods.

5. Be compliant with the accreditation standards on evaluation set forth by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).


  1. Students are required to complete at least 70% of their mandatory (not optional) evaluations within three weeks of the end of the course or from when the evaluation was administered. Completion of mandatory evaluations is part of student attainment of the Professionalism competency in the Bridges Curriculum.
  2. Mandatory evaluations may include evaluations of the curriculum, courses, programs, small group facilitators, coaches, and programs collected through surveys, focus groups, and other data collection methods.
  3. Students who complete less than 70% of the mandatory evaluations assigned to them during a course will be contacted by the Educational Evaluation unit and encouraged to complete at least 70% of their evaluations by the end of the subsequent course.
  4. When a student is unable to complete 70% of their mandatory evaluations, the coaches and/or the Associate Deans will strategize with the student how best to meet this requirement of the Professionalism competency.

Accountable Dean or Director: Director of Program Evaluation

Approval Date and Governing Body:  Executive Committee, August 6, 2018

Last Updated: August 6, 2018