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Emergency Medical Doctor;  Rosny Daniel , MD


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UC Regents Policy 4405:  Affiliations with Healthcare Organizations that Have Adopted Policy-Based Restrictions on Care

The University of California’s (UC) academic health centers and health professional schools have affiliations with other health care organizations to improve quality and access for the people of the state of California, particularly those in medically underserved communities, and to support UC’s research and public service mission.

Some of these organizations have policies that are different from those of UCSF. For example, some restrict certain evidence-based health care services. We affiliate with health systems that may restrict care only after we consider the implications for our patients, providers, and the diverse educational experiences for our students, residents/fellows, and other trainees.

UC and UCSF expect that UC employees and trainees will deliver evidence-based health care services and, in those locations where a required service cannot be delivered, appropriate referrals or transfers must be made. If at any time a UC employee or trainee is asked to do otherwise, or a patient has a complaint, the University should be immediately informed as described in this August 18, 2023 announcement.