Anatomy Learning Center

The UCSF Anatomy Learning Center is the anatomy lab of the future. It offers interactive technology that helps the next generation of clinicians to observe, discover and understand the complex architecture of the human body in sophisticated, detailed ways.

Center Design Highlights

  • The 6,000-square-foot space enables some 150 medical, physical therapy and pharmacy students, working with up to 30 cadavers, the opportunity to learn anatomy through dissection, aided by expert faculty and practicing physicians demonstrating clinical procedures.
  • With the aid of six 72-inch, high-definition video displays lining the walls and wirelessly connected to mobile cameras and iPads, students are able to interact with the learning material and observe fellow classmates' discoveries without leaving their workstation.
  • All lab manuals and instructions are used in the iBooks format; electronic books that utilize video, self assessments, text and images for learning.
  • The center also allows students to conduct dissections and common medical procedures on fresh tissue – including limbs and organs – giving them the chance to practice what they've learned on more realistic material. The insertion of airway tubes or intravenous lines, for example, requires that students be expert before they reach the higher stakes environment of patient clinics.