Auditing Guidelines

UCSF School of Medicine Auditing Definition

Auditing a course means attending lectures, receiving access to the materials for lectures, or both. Persons auditing a course do not take exams, nor do they receive grades, academic credit, assessments, or acknowledgment of the activity on a transcript of their academic record.

Auditing Guidelines

  • Auditing of School of Medicine courses is available only for large group activities, not for small groups, labs, clinical activities, or assessments.
  • All persons seeking to audit courses must receive written permission from the course instructor and approval from the School of Medicine Associate Dean of Curriculum.
  • The instructor may establish guidelines for the auditor’s participation in the course activities.
  • Auditing is typically limited to individuals with active UCSF affiliation, and the Associate Dean of Curriculum has discretion to grant any exceptions.

Approved by CCEP/Executive Committee on 11.14.2023

Accountable Dean: Associate Dean of Curriculum