About the Office of Graduate Medical Education

The UCSF Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) is dedicated to serving the residents, fellows, faculty, and staff in our many residency and fellowship programs.

GME Leadership

Katherine Julian, MD

Katherine Julian, MD Photo

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Designated Institutional Officer

Professor of Medicine

Email: Kathy.Julian@ucsf.edu

UCSF Profile, Kathy Julian, MD

Amy Day Rossa, EdD, MBA

Amy Day

Director of Graduate Medical Education

Email: Amy.Day@ucsf.edu

UCSF Profile, Amy Day

GME Faculty

Michelle Guy, MD

Michelle Guy

Director, Diversity for GME

Professor of Medicine

Email: Michelle.Guy@ucsf.edu

UCSF Profile, Michelle Guy, MD

Erick Hung, MD

Erick Hung

Director, Curricular Affairs

Professor of Psychiatry

Email: Erick.Hung@ucsf.edu

UCSF Profile, Erick Hung, MD

Glenn Rosenbluth, MD

Glenn Rosenbluth

Director, Quality and Safety Programs

Professor of Pediatrics

Email: Glenn.Rosenbluth@ucsf.edu

UCSF Profile, Glenn Rosenbluth, MD   

Larissa Thomas, MD

Faculty Team Member Larrisa Thomas

Director, Well-being for GME 

Associate Professor of Medicine

Email: larissa.thomas@ucsf.edu

UCSF Profile, Larissa Thomas, MD

Lynnea Mills, MD​​​​​​

Photo of Lynnea Mills, MD

Director, Accreditation for GME

Associate Professor of Medicine

Email: lynnea.mills@ucsf.edu

UCSF Profile, Lynnea Mill, MD

GME Administration 

Brittney Augerlavoie

Photo of Brittney Augerlavoie

GME Diversity Admin, REFLECT Admin, & Website Editor

Email: Brittney.Augerlavoie@ucsf.edu


Brittany Boznanski

Brittany Boznanski

 Resident and Fellow Affairs Manager

Email: Brittany.Boznanski@ucsf.edu


Sharon Freeman

Sharon Freeman

GME Analyst

Executive Analyst to Associate Dean of GME, Kathy Julian, MD

Email: Sharon.Freeman@ucsf.edu

Heidy Garcia

Heidy Garcia

GME Assistant

Email: GarciaH@ucsf.edu


Cindy Flores Gayton

Cindy Flores Gayton

HPE Systems Manager

Email: Cindy.FloresGaytan@ucsf.edu

Jennifer Vogt, MBA

Jennifer Vogt, Accreditation Manager

 Accreditation Manager

Email: Jennifer.Vogt@ucsf.edu