GME Educational & Professional Development Opportunities

We have a number of educational opportunities for residents, fellows, and the GME community. Programs include GME Pathways, Quality Improvement Incentive Program (REFLECT), GME Grand Rounds, and GME College. A description of each program is outlined here.

GME Pathways

GME Pathways is a career-oriented, multi-disciplinary program for residents and fellows to support the pursuit of inquiry and innovation through coursework, mentorship, and scholarly project. The program promotes academic medicine careers for GME learners in particular pathways. The current pathways include health professions education, global health, health equity and racial justice, health systems leadership, and clinical and translational research. Participants in the pathways program will gain knowledge and skills in their respective career domain. Learners in the pathway will connect with mentors and a community of practice. They will have opportunities for scholarship. The program will strive for flexible experiences and opportunities that align with a resident’s and fellow’s busy clinical schedules. Participants who complete the pathway requirements will receive a certificate. In some cases, this may lead to a nationally recognized advanced certificate or degree.

Quality Improvement Incentive Program (REFLECT)

REFLECT (Residents and Fellows Leading Interprofessional Continuous Improvement Teams) previously known as the Quality Improvement Incentive Program are projects created and lead by UCSF Residents and Fellows. These projects aim for continuous improvement in various aspects of the clinical setting.

GME Grand Rounds

GME Grand Rounds is a monthly grand rounds series for the inter-professional GME learning community of residents, fellows, health professions learners, staff, and faculty. The series covers important and emerging topics relevant to the practice of health care. Each session includes a keynote speaker from the UCSF community. Participants have opportunities to actively engage with the speaker. Example topic areas include diversity and inclusion in the clinical learning environment, informatics, quality improvement, patient safety, value-based care, leadership, relationship-centered communication, well-being, and professionalism.

GME College

GME College is a workshop series for residents, fellows, chief residents, health professions learners, and faculty to develop competence in core topics relevant to GME. The series is also an opportunity for GME educators to experience model curricula in-action. The goal of the sessions are to (1) serve as a curriculum in and of itself on core topics in GME, (2) serve as a consultation resource (“genius bar” model) to share best practices and model curricula and to provide coaching with content and curricular experts, and (3) promote the dissemination and incorporation of high quality curricula of core GME topics to residency and fellowship programs. Each workshop session will focus on one core GME topic (e.g. clinical reasoning, lean thinking, stereotype threat in the clinical learning environment, giving effective feedback to students, allyship, time management, negotiation skills, mindful practice). Additionally, the GME College will sponsor workshops relevant to residents and fellows offered through the Center for Faculty Educators.