Kanbar Center for Simulation and Clinical Skills

Kanbar Center for Simulation and Clinical Skills

The Kanbar Center continues to offer opportunities for simulation-based learning during COVID19. For in-person sessions at the Kanbar Center or affiliated learning spaces, we comply with the current UCSF POLICIES on in-person education events and only allow essential learning activites for groups of 10 or less. We also offer opportunities for remote learning, using standardized patients and/or simulation equipment. 

For details about scheduling simulation sessions and the approval process for in-person sessions, see: Schedule A Session

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The Kanbar Center for Simulation and Clinical Skills supports UCSF's educational mission by creating opportunities for teaching, learning, and assessment using simulation as an educational strategy. Simulation is defined as an educational modality with which the learner physically interacts to mimic an aspect of clinical care for the purpose of teaching or assessment.  Activities at the center range from those that use actors (standardized patients), to activities with partial task trainers and/or mannequins. The center serves all five health professional schools at UCSF and provides learning opportunities across the continuum of health professions education.The Kanbar Center aims to advance and innovate health professions education by fostering excellence in simulation education, supporting the development of new curricular programs, formative and summative assessment, and promoting educational research.

Campus Library, 2nd floor
530 Parnassus Avenue 2nd floor, Suite CL250
San Francisco, CA 94122

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (special hours by request)

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Capacity guidelines for Kanbar facilities during COVID-19

Here are current capacity guidelines to assist in scheduling during the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines are based on the general guideline of 36 SQFT/person, adjusted for equipment/cabinet space to 75% of actual square footage. The Kanbar Center reserves the right to changes proposed occupancy by individual programs to ensure adequate physical distance and secure safety of learners and staff. 

As a general rule, the maximum number of people (inclusive of faculty and non-Kanbar staff) in the main Kanbar facility will never exceed 40, and group start times will be staggered to avoid congestion in the entryway and hallways.

Table 1: Capacity of Kanbar rooms and ancillary facilities

Room type SQFT Number Capacity (ea) Comments
Standard Exam Room 105 10 2 Can also be used as double rooms at 210 SQFT each (dividing wall open)
Large Exam Rooms 196 2 4 Can also be combined with a small exam room to a 301 SQFT room (dividing wall open)
Small Sim Room 485 1 8  
Large Sim Room 750 1 (10) 15 Currently limited to 10 because of general restrictions on in-person group size
Orientation Room 450 1 10 Can be combined with Media Room for a total of 640 SQFT
Media Room 190  1 4 Can be combined with Orientation Room for a total of 640 SQFT
S-20 800 1 10 (18) Currently limited to 10 because of general restrictions on in-person group size
S-22 450 1 10 S20 and S22 can be combined to one large room, no AV recording/B-line
N703 620 1 10 (12) Currently limited to 10 because of general restrictions on in-person group size
N705 225 1 4 Seasonal variability in scheduling availability for non SON (School of Nursing) activities, no AV recording/B-line


Rehabilitative Clinical Skills Center S-20/S-22

The Rehabilitative Clinical Skills Center, RCSC, features hospital beds, hi-low tables and wall mount LED monitors that allow students to simulate patient care situations, including work in interprofessional teams. The RCSC serves all five health profession schools at UCSF.

S-20  is equipped with 18 padded hi-low examination tables, TRX suspension training system, and can accommodate up to 30 learners.

S-22 is equipped with 3 hospital beds, a Hoyer lift, two simulated headwalls, and can accommodate up to 30 learners.

The RCSC rooms S-20 and S-22 are located in the basement of the Medical Sciences Building, 521 Parnassus Avenue

Scheduling is based on various factors, including type of program, number of learners, interprofessional nature of the program and effective use of the RCSC space.

To reserve the RCSC fill out and submit a UCSF Kanbar Center Intake Form that will provide details of your request that will be reviewed for reservation approval. 

Please email us with any questions regarding reservations or the space.

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Rehabilitative Clinical Skills Center