Student Travel Planning & Quick Links

Remote clinic desk​​​​​​International Vacation or Conferences

U​​​se the checklist and information on Trainee Resources for Vacation and Conferences: TRVC website 

Global Health Research or Rotations

Plan at least 5 months ahead for rotations and at least 7 months ahead for research. More time is needed if your site is new, popular or needs an in-country IRB.

Seek required Global Health Advising for academic work abroad during your next Physician Identity/ARCH Week, or by special arrangement with Mylo Schaaf.

Travel Quick Links

Medical students at a patient's bedsidePresent at a Global Health Conference

Consortium of Universities for Global Health: Join students and faculty from around the world to focus on global health education and implementation.

Unite for Sight: Attend a conference that emphasizes international innovation and entrepreneurship, and encourages student participation.