Inquiry Awards

Dean’s Prize:
Ten prestigious Dean’s Prizes are awarded twice annually to medical students who demonstrate outstanding scholarship and research during Summer Explore (five prizes) and Long-term research terms (five prizes).  Finalists are selected based upon the submission of a one-page abstract, letter of nomination, and successful presentation to the faculty review committee. Winners present at one of the two Inquiry Symposia general assemblies in Fall or Spring and receive their award from the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost. 

Short-Term Dean's Prize Application Available September 15 (Due October 15)

Long-Term Dean's Prize Application Available December 15 (Due January 15)

Deep Explore Project Prize:

Five prestigious Deep Explore Project Prizes are awarded annually to medical students who demonstrate outstanding scholarship and research during Deep Explore. Winners are nominated by their mentors and selected by the Inquiry Advisor Board based on the following criteria: Importance of project, Independence in work, and Significance in findings/output. Winners will present their work during the Awards Ceremony at the Inquiry Symposium in the Spring. 

Application details and deadlines are available on Labspot.

Exceptional Mentorship Award:
Winning mentorship is not just a commitment of time and resources, but also a special dedication to nurture leaders, innovators, advocates and researchers here at UCSF. We recognize mentors twice annually for their work on projects of all size and scope for this passion and commitment to student scholars. Recognize your mentor by writing a short Letter of Nomination.

Short-Term Mentor Award Available September 15 (Due October 15)

Long-Term Mentor Award Available February 15 (Due March 15)

MD with Distinction:

MD with Distinction (MDwD) recognizes medical students who engage in high-caliber mentored research. The student research project should demonstrate original hypothesis-driven investigation, excellence in methodology and interpretation of data, and a resulting body of original work reported as a legacy product or manuscript for peer-review. MDwD is a requirement for those who receive yearlong research funding. 

View more information about the MDwD program