Plan Your Application

Timing is everything – that is why we’ve developed these Quickguides for intramural research and scholarship funding sources!


Where to Apply

The Inquiry Funding Office reviews Yearlong Research and Summer Explore grants once each academic year in the Spring quarter.  Other funds may be awarded quarterly or on a rolling basis.  Each grant type (e.g., Yearlong, Explore, Travel, Clinical Experiences, Extramural, Global Health) will have a unique preparation timelines and application deadline.  Intramural funds are distributed through the Inquiry Funding Office.

Application Preparation

Writing your application begins with reviewing the Quickguide for the particular funding type you seek. With the support of advising faculty, mentor and/or coach, you will be best situated to write a successful application for funding.

Inquiry Funding Office Policies 

  • Submissions are accepted beginning one month prior to the due date. 

  • All applications are due at 12:00pm. Late submissions are not accepted past 12:00 pm.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Inquiry staff team for a quick response. 

  • Inquiry Funding Faculty are also available anytime for consultations and support.