Foundations 2

Foundations 2: six eight-week core clerkship blocks, two week-long PI weeks, and eight weeks of USMLE preparation.

Foundations 2 (F2) is the the 48-week long, second phase of the Bridges Curriculum in which students complete their core clinical clerkships and revisit foundational science concepts for improved patient care. In addition, students have the opportunity to enroll in short clinical electives, known as Clinical Immersion Experiences (CIExs), to explore a variety of clinical specialties beyond the core clerkships.

Use the materials and resources in this section to learn about core clerkships and longitudinal clerkships (clerkships with continuity), PI Weeks, CIExs, IDS 113 (Foundational Sciences in F2), when students step out of the clerkship one day every other week to revisit foundational science concepts.

All students complete the Clinical Performance Exam (CPX) at the end of the core clerkship year. Two mini-CPX sessions provide students with clinical experience using standardized patients in order to familiarize them with expectations in the CPX. Students take the Step 1 exam after completing their clerkship block, and are allotted eight weeks to prepare for Step 1.