For Mentors, Faculty, and Coaches

Lead a 12-Hour Mini-Course
Help our first year students in the healthcare professions shift their conception of medicine as a series of facts to a vision of medical practice as consistent engagement with an ever-evolving and imperfect body of knowledge.  Focused Mini-Courses in January after Winter Break, offer students the chance to take a deep dive into a controversy or dilemma and explore the boundaries of existing research and scholarship with expert researchers, such as yourself.

Download the Inquiry Immersion Mini-Course Overview and Proposal to get started.

Facilitate Small Groups of Clinical-Researchers-in-Training
In March, the School of Medicine extends hiring 18 committed faculty to facilitate small groups for our Designing and Conducting Research (DCR) Course. Help medical students become discerning consumers of clinical research who are able to plan and execute their own rigorous research during this month-long teaching experience. To apply, send your CV by the first Friday of October.

Learn more on the Teaching Opportunities web page.

Teach Longitudinally in the Core Inquiry Curriculum
Core Inquiry is a weekly component of first and second year for all UCSF Medical Students learn the “inquiry habit of mind”; to challenge current concepts of health and disease and create new knowledge wherever they discover a knowledge gap. These skills will serve them throughout their lifelong careers in medicine, whether that be in clinical practice, research, or another type of service.

Download the CIC Facilitator Description.