Inquiry for Residents and Fellows

HPE: Health Professions Education
The Health Professions Education Pathway trains innovators from all health professions fields who promote excellence in teaching, translate theory and novel strategies to the learning environment, and expand knowledge in the field of health professions education.
Fall Course: October 1-26, 2018

GH: Global Health
The Global Health Pathway prepares trainees in developing lifelong commitments to decreasing the health inequities and disparities in populations throughout the world.
Fall Course: September 5-14, 2018 | 9:00 – 12:00 pm

STEP-UP: Health Equity and Vulnerable Populations
The STEP-UP (SFGH Training and Education Programs in Underserved Populations) Pathway prepares trainees to be leaders in health equity and in working with vulnerable populations, addressing social determinants of health, community engagement, social advocacy, and public policy.
Fall Course: October 15-19, 2018 | Morning Sessions

HSL: Health Systems Leadership
The Health Systems Leadership Pathway is collaboration with the Department of Medicine. It prepares trainees to be leaders in systems improvement and health care policy.
Cohort begins in August and continues through June | Morning Session

TICR: Training in Clinical Research
The Training in Clinical Research (TICR) program aims to increase the number and quality of clinical investigators through offering a broad array of educational opportunities in the methods of clinical research. One of its offerings, the Designing and Conducting Research (DCR) course, prepares trainees to design an independent clinical research project.
Course: Fall in-person and Online option