Inquiry Curriculum

Inquiry is the lifelong process of challenging current concepts and creating new knowledge.

Unlike traditional medical school content, Inquiry Curriculum teaches a “habit of mind.” Because of this, it takes place across the four-year Bridges Curriculum beginning on day one and culminating at the Inquiry Symposium.  Each step of the four year curriculum advances the learner, first to a sophisticated consumer of biomedical science, and then to a producer of new knowledge. 

Three Sequential Components of the Inquiry Curriculum


Sophisticated Consumer of Research

"Sophisticated Consumer of Research"


  • Inquiry Cases
  • Epidemiology/Biostatistics
  • Mini-Symposia

Weekly Throughout Years 1 & 2


Six domains of science

"Six Domains of Understanding"


  • Mini-Courses
  • Exploration & Community
  • Skill-Building Workshops

Two Weeks in January of Year 1


Independent Producer of Knowledge

"Independent Producer of Knowledge"

          DEEP EXPLORE

  • Project Development
  • Faculty Mentorship
  • Independent Project

March of Year 4 - 12-20 weeks project time