Bridges Faculty

Bridges Curriculum faculty are comprised of educators for Foundations 1 Leadership, Foundations 2 Leadership, and Coaches.


Foundations 1 Leadership



Element Leaders

Foundations 1 Director Justin Sewell, MD, PhD, MPH

Physician Identity Weeks

Co-Directors: Noriko Anderson, MD, MPH & Margaret Lin-Martore, MD

PIF Director: Peter Ureste, MD

CMC (Clinical Microsystems Clerkship)

Director: Anna Chang, MD

Co-Director, Direct Patient Care: Susannah Cornes, MD

Co-Directors, Health Systems Improvement: Catherine Lau, MD and Lei Choi, MD

Co-Director, Clinical Preceptorships: Sam Brondfield, MD, MAEd

Site Directors:

SFVAHCS: James Frank, MD

UCSF Health: Stephanie Rennke, MD

ZSFG: Eric Isaacs, MD

Foundational Science Blocks

Ground School

Director: Marieke Kruidering, PhD

Director: Raga Ramachandran, MD, PhD

Assistant Director: Madhu Rao, MD

ABC (Airways, Blood, and Circulation)

Director: Dana Rohde, PhD

Director: Binh An Phan, MD

Assistant Director: Sam Brondfield, MD, MAEd

JAM (Justice & Advocacy in Medicine)

Director: Aimee Medeiros, PhD

Co-Director: Kala Mehta, DSc, MPH

Co-Director: Yalda Shahram, MD

Co-Director: Aaron Baugh, MD

REGN (REGulatioN)

Director: Tracy Fulton, PhD 

Director: Justin Sewell, MD, PhD, MPH 

Assistant Director: Sarah Kim, MD

PhD (Pathogens and Host Defenses)

Director: Luis Rubio, MD, MHS

Director: Manjiree Karandikar, MD

Assistant Director: Ari Molofsky, MD, PhD

Life Stages

Director: Naomi Stotland, MD

Director: Pei Chen, MD

Assistant Director: Mansi Desai, MD

BMB (Brain, Mind, and Behavior)

Director: Andy Josephson, MD

Director: Descartes Li, MD

Assistant Director: Nailyn Rasool, MD

Assistant Director: Aaron Clark, MD, PhD

Assistant Director: Nilika Singhal, MD

DR (Diagnostic Reasoning)

Director: Sirisha Narayana, MD

Associate Director: Katherine Brooks, MD

Inquiry Program

Program Director: Rita Redberg, MD, MS

Co-Directors, Core Inquiry Curriculum: Michelle Hermiston, MD, PhD, and John Turnbull, MD

Director, Inquiry Immersion: Nilika Singhal, MD

Foundations 2/Career Launch Leadership








Foundations 2/Career Launch Director N/A N/A Sanziana Roman, MD
Anesthesia 3rd, 4th

Vasilis Tabakis (3rd Year, Anes 110)

Marie Lim (4th Year)

Kristine Breyer, MD


Physician Identity Weeks/ARCH 3rd, 4th Manaswini Avvari Co-Directors: Noriko Anderson, MD, MPH & Margaret Lin-Martore, MD
Clinical Immersive Experiences (CIEx) 3rd Catherine Chadwick Melissa Coleman, MD
Coda (IDS 115)


Christine Phung

Brad Monash, MD

CPX 3rd ARCH coordinator Abbi Phillips, MD
Deep Explore 4th Christina Middleton Rita Redberg, MD
Dermatology 3rd, 4th Laura Harrison Joanna Tu, MD
Designing and Conducting Research (DCR; IDS 120) 4th Inquiry Coordinator

Rebecca Graff, ScD

Emergency Medicine SFGH/Parn Sandra Lieu

Aaron Harries, MD

Marianne Juarez, MD

Highland Idella Watts Caitlin Bailey, MD
Family & Community Medicine 3rd, 4th

Roy Johnston

Irina Worthey

Erica Brode, MD

Betsy Wan, MD

Foundational Sciences in Foundations 2 (FS in F2; IDS 113) 3rd Kelly O'Brien Sam Brondfield, MD
Fresno Programs all courses Kasan Jones Kenny Banh, MD (Dean of UME at Fresno)
IDS 140.60 Expanding WikiProject Tina Tai

Amin Azzam, MD

IDS 196 Teaching  

Please contact the Director of the course you'd like to teach:
Foundations 1 Courses

Introduction to Career Launch (ICL; IDS 119) 4th Christine Phung

Brad Monash, MD

KLIC-East Bay 3rd

Jovante Aaron

Tali Ziv, MD

KLIC-SF 3rd Vandana Prasad

Brian Lin, MD

Jessica Tashjian, MD

Lab Medicine 140.01 Andy Yeh  Zane Amenhotep, MD
140.07 Reid Rosehill Scott Kogan, MD
140.08 Andy Yeh Barbara Haller, MD
LIFE (Longitudinal Integrated Fresno Experience) 3rd

Marie Martinez

Loren Alving, MD

Lin Li, MD

Medicine Med 110 (3rd year) Amy Zhen Cindy Lai, MD
Medicine Med 140.01 (Acting Internship, 4th year) Amy Zhen

Lynnea Mills, MD

Sirisha Narayana, MD

4th year electives (not Sub-Is)

My-Ha Nguyen

David Sears, MD

Model SFGH 3rd Irina Worthey

Alex Logan, MD

Katherine Brooks, MD

Neurology 3rd Karl Kanner

Megan Richie, MD

4th Ashley Robelo
Neurological Surgery 4th Teresa Pan Manish Aghi, MD
2-week Subspecialty Teresa Pan
Obstetrics & Gynecology 3rd, 4th

Kristin Olson

Steph Tillery

Jeannette Lager, MD, MPH
Ophthalmology 4th Michelle (Shelle) Libberton Neeti Parikh, MD
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS)   Romobia Hutchinson Sohail Saghezchi, DDS, MD
Orthopaedic Surgery 4th

Daniel Peterson

Nikki Schroeder (All OSURG courses) and Daniel Petersen (Orthopaedic Surgery Selective Director, OSURG 140.05 only)
Otolaryngology (ENT) 4th Angie Shin Chase Heaton, MD
Pathology 4th

Sarah Bowman

Kirsten Dahmen

Raga Ramachandran, MD, PhD
Pediatrics 3rd, 4th Doris Masferrer

Erica Lawson, MD


Kelly O'Brien

Joseph Sullivan, MD

Maria Wamsley, MD

Psychiatry 3rd

Tina Tai

Director: Kewchang Lee, MD

Associate Director: Andrew Halls, MD

4th Sabrina Ahmad Descartes Li, MD
Radiation Oncology 4th Miriam Gray Patricia Sneed, MD
Radiology 4th Samira Zebarjadian Emily Webb, MD
San Joaquin Valley PRIME (SJV PRIME) Program- Fresno F2

Loren Alving, MD

Lin Li, MD

Grace Carlson
Specialty Practice Ambulatory sub-iNternship (SPAN; IDS 125) 4th Christine Phung Kate Lupton, MD
Surgery 3rd Frenni Enriquez

Matthew Lin, MD

4th Heidi Crist
Urology 4th

Michelle Lifto
Katherine Jung

Lindsay Hampson, MD, MAS
VALOR 3rd N/A Calvin Chou, MD


The School of Medicine Coaching Program is designed to provide academic guidance for students and support their professional and personal development throughout their medical school curriculum. By providing longitudinal coaching for all medical students and robust faculty development for our coaches, we aim to create successful learning communities that support and respond to the needs of our students, coaches, and the patients we serve.

Overview of the Coaching Program:

Coaches are clinician educators who provide advice, assistance, and encouragement in all aspects of our students’ education and professional development. The coaches are a diverse group of faculty from multiple specialties and teaching sites. They are each assigned a small number of students to foster personal and individualized teaching and mentoring relationships.

The coaching program provides:

  • Longitudinal coaching for students
    • Each coach is assigned a group of about 6 first-year medical students to oversee throughout their medical school curriculum. As we begin this new program, coaches are also assigned 6-7 third-year medical students to provide additional support as those students complete medical school.
  • Individualized support
    • Coaches regularly review their students’ progress and competency development with them, and guide students in individual learning planning.
    • Coaches meet with their students individually and in small groups.
    • Coaches refer students to the range of learning and career development resources available at UCSF as needed.
  • Formal instruction in clinical skills, including quality improvement and patient safety
    • Coaches are site faculty members in the Clinical Microsystems Clerkship (CMC), teaching clinical skills and overseeing students’ systems improvement learning at clinical sites during the Foundations 1 portion of the Bridges Curriculum.