UCSF Head and Neck Medical Oncology Clinical Research Fellowship

The UCSF Head and Neck Medical Oncology Clinical Research Fellowship is an opportunity to contribute hands-on in the preparation, publication, and presentation of retrospective research studies and case reports. Working as a team with the primary investigator, Dr. Alain Algazi, fellows will contribute to larger studies developing predictive biomarkers that maximize the odds of patients achieving long-term remission with immunotherapy and other agents. Research fellows will be regular attendees at multidisciplinary tumor conferences, institutional research meetings, and also participate in at least one national meeting as part of their yearlong research.

This fellowship is appropriate for students interested in careers in cancer including medical oncology, head and neck surgery, pathology, and radiation oncology.
  • ~ $50,000/yr stipend
  • Health insurance, if needed
  • Loan capitalization payment, if applicable
  • Travel to one national meeting
  • Includes graduation with Distinction in Yearlong Research

Open to all students in enrolled the School of Medicine.

  1. UCSF students taking 12 months Leave of Absence for full-time research or scholarship.
  2. Complete scholarly  project and other assignments as required.
  3. Abstract and poster presentation at Inquiry Symposium.
  4. Completion of Distinction in Yearlong Research.
12 months

For more information visit: https://cancer.ucsf.edu/people/profiles/algazi_alain.3320.

Students who wish to consider this opportunity should contact Alain Algazi, MD directly for more information.


This is a UCSF Funding Source dispersed by the Inquiry Funding Office.

To apply, begin by verifying deadlines and process for Yearlong Research by downloading the “Yearlong Research Quickguide.”

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