Sarnoff Fellowship for Cardiovascular Research

The Sarnoff Fellowship Program is a prestigious year-long research fellowship for students from accredited U.S. medical schools. The program is similar to the Howard Hughes Fellowship but has a broad focus on basic and translational research in cardiovascular disease. Fellows undertake a year of funded research and have the option to extend for a second year. This is one of the most sought-after research fellowships in cardiovascular medicine and comes with the opportunity to apply for a larger fellowship grant at later post-residency stages of training.

Students are encouraged to contact faculty who are Sarnoff alumni for guidance and mentorship on how to apply. UCSF Researchers Priscilla Hsue (Medicine) and Michelle Albert (Medicine) are both currently serving on the Sarnoff Scientific Committee.  

  • $32,000 annual stipend with allowances up to $8,000 for travel support.
  1. SOM (students enrolled in MD/PhD program are not eligible); applications encouraged from 2nd and 3rd year students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds or those without extensive prior research experience; 4th years must defer graduation.
  2. Presentation of research at the Sarnoff Foundation’s Annual Scientific Meeting
  3. Biomedical research facility other than home institution
  4. Most Fellows are encouraged to spend their research year at an institution other than their home institution. This allows Fellows to go to best laboratory in the country for their chosen focus. However, exemptions may be granted in certain cases.
12 months

This is an extramural funding source and is not dispersed by the Inquiry Funding Office.
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