Center for Disease Control Epidemiology Elective Program for Senior Medical Students

The CDC Epidemiology Elective Program (EEP) is a 6-8-week rotation in the fall or spring semester of 4th year; The EEP is a hands-on experience and includes working on a current public health project with an experienced CDC subject matter expert.

Assignments may involve:

  • conducting surveillance of a disease, injury, or other health condition,
  • analyzing health data to identify new risk factors for disease,
  • assisting CDC’s EIS officers and other public health professionals in the field to investigate an outbreak, and
  • contributing to CDC publications and guidelines of major public health importance.

There is no cost to participate in EEP.  
Acceptance includes living expenses and travel during field investigations only.
Students pay their own round-trip travel to their assigned CDC facility and living expenses during the elective.

Expenses, field travel

1.    Completion of two years of coursework at an accredited medical school.
2.    Four 6-8 week preset rotations available: January - February/March OR March - May.
3.    Assignment locations are within the CDC or the Indian Health Service (see website for further details).
4.    Payment of living expenses and travel to assigned CDC facility.

6-8 weeks

This is an extramural funding source and is not dispersed by the Inquiry Funding Office.
Visit website for details:

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