Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere illustration
Source: https://www.polleverywhere.com/how-it-works

Use the Poll Everywhere online Audience Response System (ARS) to gather real-time, dynamic feedback from your audience. This interactive tool replaces specialized ARS devices like clickers with technologies that students already have. Students can use their computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device to complete polls real-time, either in the classroom or in an online class meeting. Students don't need to install an application or set up an account to participate.

UCSF provides the following:

  • Access to a full-featured account, which includes up to 200 responses per poll, poll results archiving, poll response moderation, and more.
  • Poll Everywhere is centrally managed and supported through the UCSF Library. Please visit this site to get started.

NOTE: If you are faculty teaching in the Bridges Curriculum, this TEE guide might be helpful: Use Poll Everywhere in the Classroom.