Poll Everywhere

Poll EverywhereWith Poll Everywhere, instructors can gather realtime dynamic feedback from their audience, using this robust web-based Audience Response System. This interactive tool replaces expensive ARS hardware (such as 'clickers') with standard web technology and hardware that students already have. Using their laptop, tablet or mobile device, students participate via easy-to-follow instructions, projected onscreen. They don't need to install a software application, or set up an account, to participate. As polling takes place, results update in real time on the projected display.

For School of Medicine Faculty and Staff working with the Bridges Curriculum, Technology Innovations is offering the following:

  • Access to a full featured account. Unlike a basic (free) account, an upgraded account offers additional features. This includes up to 200 responses per poll, poll results archiving, and moderation support.
  • Just-in-Time training. Workshops and 1-on-1 trainings that are timed to meet your needs.
  • Documentation. That's where this page comes in handy, with videos and supporting documents.

To set up your first account and adjust your settings, follow the instructions provided below under the Downloads section of this page.

If you are searching for ideas in how to implement Poll Everywhere in your class, we've got you covered. Read more about Live Polling to help you think about ways to deploy in your classroom.

How to Make Polls

This Technology Innovations original video covers the various poll types and how to go about creating them.

Integrating Polls into a Slide Deck

You can deliver a seemless lecture presentation by placing your polls within your PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck. Mastering this technique is guaranteed to make the classroom experience run more smoothly. Learn how to do this in PowerPoint by watching one of the following:

Presenting Polls in a Lecture Hall

Watch this Technology Innovations original video to understand how this works. It also covers some common troubleshooting tips to be aware of when presenting this way.

Advanced Features

When you think you've mastered the basics, consider watching some of these videos to start delving into more intermediate- and advanced- user topics. Features such as Reports and Segmentation are some of the advantages of upgrading to our full institution-level account (available for School of Medicine faculty & staff only).

Download Files
Poll Everywhere: Account Setup

Basic 3-step process on setting up your first Poll Everywhere account. Note: the part of instructions pertaining to upgrades is offered only to School of Medicine faculty engaging with the Bridges Curriculum, and the staff members directly supporting those faculty.

Poll Everywhere: Account Settings

After your account is set up, review these guidelines.

Poll Everywhere: Poll Settings

The poll creation interface offers a number of settings. This points out the most important considerations for first-time users.