Moodle (CLE)

moodle screenshot

The iROCKET Learning Environment serves as the UCSF School of Medicine’s space for online learning and collaboration activities. iROCKET is powered by Moodle (known at UCSF as the CLE, or Collaborative Learning Environment), an open source learning management system that allows UCSF to deliver an online learning environment with many interactive features, including online exams, peer review modules, embedded media such as video lessons, and much more.

Moodle is a modular system based on plugins, which act as blocks that allow you to build robust courses based on the content and delivery of your choosing. Plugins like quizzes, workshops, the LMS package, checklists, and more allow for a customizable experience from course to course. Moodle also integrates with complementary systems, including Media@UCSF, which provides users with the ability to seamlessly create and deliver streaming media content.