E*Value & MedHub

The UCSF School of Medicine uses online evaluation tools to allow students to provide specific feedback on all aspects of their medical school experience, including course instructors, small group leaders, coaches, course curriculum and content, and much more.

Beginning in 2017 the School of Medicine began migrating from E*Value to MedHub, which is simpler to use, includes mobile access, and offers new features over E*Value.

Additional Information

MedHub Wiki - Tutorials, Help info, and stay up-to-date on the transition

MyAccess – MedHub requires faculty, trainees and staff to use a UCSF MyAccess account to login. Go here for help using MyAccess or here to activate/get a MyAccess account.

Medical Student Guidelines & Policies - Find additional information, procedures, and policies related to evaluation and assessment in medical student education.

Office of Graduate Medical Education MedHub Helpdesk - Provides training to residency and fellowship program administrators, offers webinars, drop in lab sessions, one-on-one training to staff and program administration. Contact the GME Help Desk.