Course Support

What is iROCKET?

iRocketiROCKET is the system of online tools and resources that make up the School of Medicine's digital curriculum, as well as the team that supports existing tools and researches new tools that will help students learn in effective and innovative ways.

The iROCKET Learning Environment is comprised of two primary systems. The first, Moodle, is an open source learning management system (LMS) and education software. This LMS allows UCSF to deliver many interactive features, including online exams, peer review modules, embedded media including video lessons, and much more. Amongst the other schools at UCSF, Moodle is often referred to as the online Collaborative Learning Environment, or 'CLE'.

The second system of the iROCKET Learning Environment, Ilios, is an online curriculum management system developed here at UCSF that functions as the calendar application for all UCSF students. The Ilios calendar is embedded into the iROCKET Learning Environment and is home to each student's personalized schedule, as well as the course materials and readings for each individual course session.

UCSF students and faculty can begin by using the iROCKET Launch Pad as a jumping off point to access their calendar, course materials, assignments, forums, self assessments and more within iROCKET.

Support and Training

The Technology Enhanced Education team has compiled a great deal of written and video resources to assist Faculty & Staff in their use of the iROCKET Learning Environment. In the iROCKET How-To's for Staff and Faculty, users can find sections devoted to an iROCKET Overview, the new ILIOS 3 release and its features, CLE/Moodle, preparing a course, running online exams in iROCKET, and more.

If you are unable to find the help you need among the prepared written and video resources, the iROCKET help desk is available for students, faculty, and staff from 8 - 5pm, Monday through Friday. Email us at for support.