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Developed by and for health professionals here at UCSF, the Ilios Curriculum Management System functions as the course calendar application for all UCSF students. It supports the sharing of curriculum outcomes and materials among programs, departments, schools, and institutions, while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate the diverse practices within our health professions community.

Ilios addresses the needs of the health professions educational community by providing a simple and powerful web application to collect, manage, analyze, and deliver curricular information and create a comprehensive view of curricula by tracking events, learning content, and activities over time.

The Ilios API allows you to integrate with external data sources and systems. For schools using online learning systems such as Moodle or Canvas, Ilios provides a backbone of curricular information to broaden these deployments and to complement the rich online tools, activities and materials already in use.

As of 2015, nearly two dozen individual health professions schools are working with Ilios, and more are actively reviewing the application as their possible solution for curriculum management.

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