Mentor and Project Discovery Resources

Learn how to find an outstanding mentor and project for Inquiry Curriculum scholarship by using these resources and advising tools.

  1. Labspot Timelines for Summer Explore and Deep Explore
    • Labspot is your go-to resource for all Inquiry project deadlines and deliverables.  Login to Labspot and view your individualized checkpoints for Summer Explore or Deep Explore so you know what to expect and when!
  2. Advice for Finding a Mentor Module
    • An online module designed for medical students by a medical student!  Learn from your colleagues what has worked for finding a mentor or project.
  3. Quickguides for Funding: Summer Explore, Yearlong Research 
    • If you’re interested in learning more about funding for your project, look no further than the Inquiry Funding Office Website!  Not only is there a searchable directory of funding sources, but also handy guides for navigating the grant application process.
  1. Labspot - Available Opportunities
    • Start with Labspot to see if any faculty have posted opportunities in project or topic areas of your interest.  Projects listed on Labspot are available and open now.  It’s easy to contact faculty with your information via the system and get a conversation started.
  2. Labspot - Past Projects
    • Every student who completed research projects in the past four years have been archived on Labspot for your perusal.  Look to see if you can find a project similar to something you’re interested in and contact that faculty mentor.  There’s a good chance if they were willing to mentor a student in the past, they will be happy to do so again.
  3. UCSF Profiles
    • Not only does UCSF Profiles enable search of all faculty by their research area, but also links all other faculty doing related research.  Use the filter for student projects (under More Options) to narrow your results to faculty who have mentored students in the past or are interested in supporting student researchers with available opportunities.
  1. Inquiry Advisors
    • Your IA is like your Coach for all things research.  All IAs are very experienced and connected to the research endeavor at UCSF.  Connect early during ARCH Week #2 with your IA to discuss ideas for your Inquiry projects and get leads for faculty in your areas of interest. It’s easy, informal, and fast to schedule a meeting with your IA.
  2. Inquiry Funding Office Directors
    • Four IFO Directors are available to support your search for funding and refine your applications for success. 
  3. Coaches, Career Advisors
    • Don’t forget that Coaches and Career Advisors are excellent resources in your search for meaningful projects.
  1. Project Discovery Roundtables during ARCH Week #2
    • Join the roundtables during ARCH Week #2 to gain valuable and timely tips from second year students…questions welcome!
  2. Summer Explore Poster Sessions
    • Check out the poster sessions from the Summer Explore Symposium to learn more about the previous class’s experiences with mentors and projects.  You might just find a project that can be continued or expanded upon.
  3. Dean’s Prize Winner Presentations
    • Are you interested in competing for the Dean’s Prize?  See what previous winners say about their own project experiences.