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Inquiry Leadership

Dr. Rita Redberg
Director, Inquiry Curriculum

Dr. Redberg joins the Inquiry Curriculum from the UCSF Division of Cardiology and serves as the editor of JAMA Internal Medicine. Rita is Core Faculty for the Philip R Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies and has research interests in the use of medical procedures and devices. She studies the regulatory process for medical devices and the strength of evidence that supports them, particularly high-risk devices, both before and after they are marketed. She is a strong proponent of high-quality data to support safety and effectiveness for medical devices, in order to provide the best quality and appropriate medical care and advice. Dr. Redberg has testified before Congress multiple times on these issues. In addition to her role as Director of the Inquiry Curriculum, Dr. Redberg has served as an Inquiry Advisor and participated as a mentor throughout her time at UCSF.  

Matt Trojnar

Matt Trojnar, MPA

Inquiry Curriculum, Manager

Core Inquiry Curriculum
Name Role
Susana Aranas   Susana Aranas Coordinator 
Michelle Hermiston   Michelle Hermiston, MD, PhD Director
John Turnbull   John Turnbull, MD Director
Inquiry Immersion
Name Role
Sue Miller   Sue Miller, PhD Director, SOP
Nilikha Singhal   Nilika Singhal, MD Director, SOM
Designing and Conducting Research
Name Role
Rebecca Graff   Rebecca Graff, ScD Director
Meyeon Park   Meyeon Park, MD, MAS Director
Deep Explore
Name Role
Christina Middleton   Christina Middleton Lead, Inquiry Curriculum
Rita Redberg   Rita Redberg, MD, MS Director 
GME Pathways
Name Role
Erick Hung   Erick Hung, MD Director
Gabby Negussie-Retta   Gabby Retta, MS, CRC Coordinator
Inquiry Funding Office Faculty and Staff 
Name Role
Mallar Bhattacharya   Mallar Bhattacharya, MD Director
Dan Lowenstein   Dan Lowenstein, MD Co-Director
Avila Omokaro   Avila Omokaro, MHA Coordinator
Meyeon Park   Meyeon Park, MD Co-Director
Mylo SchaafMylo Schaaf, MD, MPH

Co-Director &

Director of Global Outreach

Inquiry Student Advising

Kirsten KangelarisDr. Kirsten Kangelaris, MD, MAS is a hospitalist studying acute organ dysfunction in sepsis and, more recently, COVID-19. Her interests outside of research include mentorship and clinical research education. She leads her divisional Works in Progress group and serves as an Associate Professor of Medicine and as the Associate Director of the Academic Hospital Medicine Fellowship.




Sara NewmannDr. Sara Newmann, MD, MPH is an OBGYN at ZSFG. She is a clinician, educator and researcher. She practices general Obstetrics and Gynecology and has expertise in family planning. She is a Bridges Coach and the OBGYN clerkship site director at ZSFG. Her research focuses in general on increasing access to contraception and abortion and specifically has focused on: cervical preparation for second trimester surgical abortion, integration of family planning and HIV services in Western Kenya, family planning and masculinities in Western Kenya and family planning for people experiencing homelessness.




Rita RedbergDr. Rita Redberg, MD, MAS, a cardiologist, has research interests in health care policy, particularly relating to regulation of devices, and is an experienced student mentor and mentoring awardee. She serves as the Director of the Deep Explore Curriculum and Inquiry Advisors Board and is the editor of JAMA Internal Medicine.





Chris StewartDr. Chris Stewart in addition to his career as a pediatrician specializing in child abuse, is an expert in global health and in violence and trauma, Dr. Stewart has been involved in a number of international projects including works in Vietnam that earned him the UCSF Chancellor's Award for Public Service.He is the former Pathways Board Chair and also former Director of the Global Health Pathways to Discovery Program. 






Elizabeth WickDr. Elizabeth (Liza) Wick is a practicing colorectal surgeon experienced in translational research as well as quality improvement,  where she has worked both locally and with a national scope.




Brie WilliamsDr. Brie Williams is a clinician researcher and geriatrician focused on improving the health of medically and socially vulnerable older adults and people with serious illness. One of her particular research emphases is on those in the criminal justice system.