Clinical Immersion Experiences (CIExes)

Clinical Immersion Experiences (CIExes) are clinical electives that students will experience during the Foundations 2 (F2) phase. The F2 phase spans 48 weeks and consists of 12 weeks for third-year students to schedule their CIExes (two weeks in the Pediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynecology clerkships, four weeks in the Neurology and Psychiatry clerkships, two weeks in the Anesthesia clerkship and 4 weeks for vacation). 

There are 4 types of CIExes:

  • Integrative Elective (IE) The goal is to explore a clinical topic and gain insight into how it integrates with other aspects of care.
  • Clinical Skills Building (CSB) The goal is to provide additional skill clinical building in topics such as clinical reasoning and/or organization of clinical tasks for students needing additional practice.
  • Subspecialty Elective (SSE) or Inpatient Immersive (IPI) (For LIC students) The goal is to provide experience in subspecialty areas not covered in core clinical clerkships (SSE) or an immersive core inpatient experience (IPI to balance the ambulatory focus of the LIC programs).
  • Apprenticeship Experience (AE) Goals can include exploring a potential field of career interest, gaining clinical experience, experiencing mentorship in an area of career interest or obtaining coaching in an area of interest.