Core Clerkships

Students complete clerkships in major specialties of clinical medicine (please also refer to the table below for more information):

  • Internal medicine (8 weeks)
  • Surgery (8 weeks)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology (6 weeks)
  • Pediatrics (6 weeks)
  • Neurology (4 weeks)
  • Psychiatry (4 weeks)
  • Anesthesia (2 weeks)
  • Family and Community Medicine (longitudinal)
    • The FCM Clerkship runs longitudinally during Foundations 2. Students spend one day every other week in their family medicine clinic and attend FCM Seminar on the morning of the IDS 113 course.

For an explanation of the grading process, please review the comparison of grading across the clerkships.







Anesthesia 110

A comprehensive experience in anesthesia and perioperative care. Clinical skills include airway management, IV insertion, drug administration, physiologic monitoring, sedation and acute pain management.

Vasilis Tabakis

Kristine Breyer, MD

2 weeks

Parnassus, Mission Bay, Mt. Zion, San Francisco VA, Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Family & Community Medicine 110

Primary care clerkship where students gain experience in outpatient chronic care, acute care and preventive care. FCM 110 is organized into a longitudinal model so that students may have more meaningful continuity with preceptors, patients and the clinical care team.

Roy Johnston; Irina Worthey

Erica Brode, MD & Betsy Wan, MD


Bay Area Kaisers, Family Health Center, Fresno, Lakeshore, SFHN Health Centers, UCSF Primary Care at Laurel Village, and other outpatient clinical practices in the Bay Area

Medicine 110

Clerkship in which students evaluate adult medical patients presenting to the wards for workup and management of acute and chronic illnesses. Students develop and apply frameworks for evaluating and managing adult medical patients, including conducting hypothesis-driven histories and physical examinations, interpreting findings, creating differential diagnoses, formulating diagnostic and therapeutic plans, and communicating with patients and interprofessional colleagues.

Amy Zhen

Cindy Lai, MD

8 weeks

Parnassus, San Francisco VA, Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Neurology 110

Students are assigned neurology patients for study under the supervision of attendings and residents. They attend work rounds, attending rounds, clinic, grand rounds, conferences and lecture-seminars, emphasizing diagnosis and management of core clinical problems in neurology.

Karl Kanner

Megan Richie, MD

4 weeks

Fresno, Parnassus, San Francisco VA, Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Obstetrics and Gynecology 110

Students provide antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum care of pregnant women. Students participate in the operating room with ambulatory as well as major surgeries. Students also gain competency in the well woman exam, contraceptive counseling and osteoporosis counseling.

Kristin Olson & Steph Tillery

Jeannette Lager, MD

6 weeks

California Pacific Medical Center, Fresno, Highland, Kaiser Oakland, Kaiser San Francisco, Kaiser SSF/Daly City/Redwood City, Kaiser Union City/Hayward, Marin General, Mission Bay/Mt. Zion, St. Luke’s, Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Pediatrics 110

Students develop a durable framework for evaluating the health of children in multiple settings: ambulatory, inpatient, and newborn nursery. Students evaluate pediatric patients, take histories and perform physical exams, interpret findings, create differential diagnoses, and formulate diagnostic and therapeutic plans.

Doris Masferrer

Erica Lawson, MD

6 weeks

Children’s Hospital Mission Bay, Children’s Hospital, Oakland, Fresno, Kaiser East Bay- Hayward, Kaiser Oakland, Kaiser San Francisco-Daly City, Marin General, Washington Hospital, Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Psychiatry 110

Students are responsible for psychiatry patient evaluation and participation in treatment planning for inpatients, outpatients, and consultation/liaison. They attend seminars related to clinical work.

Tina Tai

Kewchang Lee, MD

4 weeks

Fresno, Kaiser Redwood City, Kaiser San Leandro, Parnassus, San Francisco VA, Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Surgery 110

Students work both in the inpatient service and the outpatient clinic and follow-up on patients when they are admitted to the surgical service. Students take calls once a week and participate in team rounds, in clinics, and in the operating room. Students do work-ups on patients who present with acute surgical illness.

Frenni Enriquez

Matthew Lin, MD

8 weeks

California Pacific Medical Center, Fresno, Kaiser San Leandro, Mt. Zion, Parnassus, San Francisco VA, Zuckerberg San Francisco General