Foundational Sciences in Foundations 2

IDS 113: Foundational Sciences in Foundations 2

The Bridges Curriculum aims for integrated learning of foundational science and clinical skills throughout all 4 years of medical school. To this end, students are required to participate in a longitudinal curriculum, known under the course number IDS 113. Students explore key topics that interweave and integrate with their clinical clerkships:

  • Appropriate Use of Diagnostic Tests (ADT): Students will learn how to choose appropriate diagnostic tests for common clinical indications. ADT sessions emphasize how to safely and judiciously leverage radiologic and laboratory-based diagnostic tests in the support of patient care.
  • Foundational Sciences in Foundations 2 (FS-in-F2): FS-in-F2 is dedicated to advancing and reinforcing students’ understanding of foundational science through spiral learning and clinical inquiry. Sessions will include a variety of activities such as small group discussion, problem-based learning, panels, and lectures.