Award for Exceptional Service in Medical Education

From left, Ivan Mendez, Raquel Rodriguez, and Sally Collins

Award for Exceptional Service in Medical Education Eligibility and Nomination Guidelines (Individual and Team)

The Award for Exceptional Service in Medical Education honors and recognizes exemplary service by staff in the Office of Medical Education (OME), School of Medicine. 

Award recipients will be presented at the Academy's annual Celebration of New Members on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 2-5 pm. Recipients, their nominators, and their special guests are invited to attend.

2023 Recipients:

  • Individual Award Recipients
    • Betsy Norton, Lead Coordinator: F1 OEQ Assessments, Ground School, BMB
    • Craig Gawlick, Administrative Director, Kanbar Center
  • Team Award: Clinical Microsystems Clerkship (CMC)
    • Kristin Casey Callaghan MA, CMC Manager
    • Anna Kozas MA, CMC Manager, Direct Patient Care
    • Therese Denoga MPH, CMC Site Specialist
    • Jocelyn Faye MS, CMC Curriculum Coordinator
    • Patience Kriedt, CMC Curriculum Coordinator
    • Patricia Runquist MPA, CMC Site Specialist

Please be sure to read the guidelines below, prior to submitting nomination online. For questions or concerns, contact

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Individual Awards (Two awarded)

The Medical Education Service Award recognizes two outstanding Office of Medical Education, School of Medicine (OME) staff members for their exemplary service to UCSF medical education over the past year. We strongly encourage staff to recognize contributions of their colleagues.

The award recognizes staff in two categories:

  • Early career staff: five to one years of service and UCSF employment in education.
  • Mid-career staff: more than five years of service and UCSF employment in education.
  • Team: 2 - 10 members

Each Individual recipient: receives supported expenses for medical education-related professional development activities up to $1500.

  • The home unit is expected to provide paid release time (not vacation leave).
  • Awardee submits funding request in advance to Karen Brent, for review by Boyden committee chair and AME director.
  • Funds must be used by June 30 the fiscal year of award presentation.
  • Reimbursement request filed within three weeks following the activity/travel.
  • Awardee may opt for a payroll distribution of the $1500 award instead of reimbursement. Per UCSF policy, the amount is taxable.
  • This may cover registration fees, coach air, ground transportation, subsistence, and lodging, per UCSF policy, with the following recommendation: we recommend that nominators have suggestions in mind of at least one if not a range of appropriate professional development activities for their nominee, if selected.

Team recipients: receive Appreciation gift certificates of $75 for each team member.

Karen Brent will coordinate and obtain manager support and the Academy's Boyden Committee (comprised of Academy members and staff) selects the recipients.

Criteria for Nominators
  • All OME staff and faculty are eligible to nominate (from departments and branches under the umbrella of the OME). Any staff person can nominate a colleague or peer!
  • Nominators do not have to work in the same unit as the nominee.
  • One nomination per nominator.
Submission Requirements

Primary and Secondary Nominators complete online submission form about the nominee’s performance and how they exhibit the following characteristics in support of medical education over the past year:

  1. Contributes to their job description for job activities, programs, or events resulting in increased educational value for learners.
  2. Serves as a role model for teamwork and service to others.
  3. Makes the unit a better place to work and to learn by consistently demonstrating an open and helpful attitude and by communicating and working cooperatively with learners, trainees, colleagues, and/or faculty.
  4. Demonstrates a commitment to excellence and inspires others to excel.
  5. Demonstrates and provides examples of how the nominee exemplifies UCSF PRIDE Values (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence) -

The primary nominator will receive emailed confirmation once the form is successfully submitted.

Past Recipients
  • (2022): Christina Cicoletti, MA, Executive Director for Assessment, Curriculum, Evaluations (ACE)
  • 2021: Sara Clemons, MEd, Manager, Foundations 2 and Career Launch/Assessment, Curriculum, Evaluations (ACE)
  • 2020: Allison Savage, Manager, Special Projects and Staff Engagement, Office of Medical Education
  • 2019: Valerie Margol, MA, Associate Director, UCSF Post Baccalaureate Program and Outreach
  • 2018: Victoria Ruddick, Faculty Development Manager, Center for Faculty Educators

Questions or concerns, please contact Karen Brent,

Other Staff Recognition for Medical Education

To recognize medical education staff outside of the Office of Medical Education, submit a nomination for the Boyden Staff Award.