Orientation Resources

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This list has been put together to assist residents and fellows in learning about and accessing the services and resources available to them from the Office of GME and in the broader UCSF community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources
  • Office of Diversity and Outreach: The Office of Diversity and Outreach (ODO) serves as a campus leader in building diversity across all aspects of the UCS mission. Services include CARE Advocacy Resources & Education, Multicultural Resource Center, Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, LGBT Resource Center, and more.

ODO at a Glance

The Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

UCSF Anti-Racism Initiative

Educational and Professional Development Opportunities
  • GME Events and Calendar: The Office of GME hosts many events, workshops, and educational opportunities for the UCSF graduate medical education community. These events include monthly Grand Rounds, GME College, and more. Keep up to date by checking our GME Calendar often! 

  • GME College: The GME College is a forum for residents, fellows, health professions learners, and faculty to learn about core topics in graduate medical education. The GME College serves not only as a curriculum in and of itself, but also as an opportunity to observe model curricula in action and to discuss with content and curricular experts, ways to adapt, build, and adapt curricula into training programs.

  • GME Grand Rounds: The Office of GME sponsors Grand Rounds for residents and fellows, via Zoom. Topics are relevant to trainees in all specialties and all are encouraged to attend. More information can be found on the GME Grand Rounds webpage including recording of past presentations and the calendar of upcoming sessions.

  • GME Pathways: The GME Pathways Program is a multi-disciplinary, interprofessional program for residents and fellows that supports the pursuit of inquiry and innovation. Pathways trainees are provided with a mentoring community and opportunities to explore academic disciplines through courses and scholarly projects. 

GME Pathways Application

Family Resources
  • Discounts: Campus Life Services provides discounts to the UCSF community, including shopping, activities, events, and more.

  • Family Services: Campus Life Services provides a variety of services for the families of UCSF employees. This includes a child care center, lactation accommodation program, parent education, backup care, child care referral service, and more.

  • Childcare and Family Resource: UCSF offers employees, including residents and fellows, limited onsite childcare, backup childcare, access to SItterCity, and other resources. More information is located at Campus Life Services.
Financial Resources
Health Insurance and other Benefits​​​​​
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement: The residents and fellows at UCSF are represented by the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR), SEIU Healthcare. The current collective bargaining agreement between CIR and UCSF may be found at https://ucnet.universityofcalifornia.edu/labor/bargaining-units/m2/index.html

  • Disability Management Services: The Disability Management Services team provides resources and information to students, staff, faculty, and trainees to navigate campus facilities and systems to obtain accessibility information and request appropriate campus disability accommodations. For more information, go to https://disability.ucsf.edu

  • Health and Insurance Coverage: As UCSF residents and fellows you are offered a rich package of coverage, including health (HMO or PPO), mental health, vision, dental, and disability. Please go to https://www.ucresidentbenefits.com/uc-san-francisco for more information.

  • Primary Care for Residents and Fellows: Residents and fellows should make sure they select a primary care provider. For assistance in selecting a primary care provider, go to the "Primary Care Access" section on http://tiny.ucsf.edu/GMEwellbeing

  • Retirement Benefits: Residents and fellows automatically contribute on a pre-tax basis to a Defined Contribution Plan for Safe Harbor (in lieu of social security). In addition, residents and fellows may elect to contribute to a 403(b) plan. For more information, go to https://www.ucresidentbenefits.com/ucsf/financial-protection-and-retirement-benefits/retirement-benefits

  • Salary and Housing Allowance: Annual salary is based on a resident or fellow's year in their program. Residents and fellows are paid, salary and housing allowance, on the first of each month. Post-graduate year (PGY) and salary for each resident and fellow may be found in their individual contract letter issued by their program. The annual salary scale and housing allowance are available at 23-24_GME_SalaryScale.xls - Compatibility Mode_0.pdf

  • Discounts: Campus Life Services provides discounts to the UCSF community, including shopping, activities, events, and more.

  • Fitness & Recreation: UCSF offers a wide array of health and wellness programs to UCSF employees, including fitness centers at Mission Bay and Parnassus, outdoor programs, recreational sports, and more. Residents and fellows are eligible to purchase fitness center memberships. For more information visit Campus Life Services.

  • Housing Resources: Residents and fellows are eligible for UCSF campus housing. Housing Services also provides resources for locating off-campus housing. UCSF Housing Services has created a new brochure, "Exploring Our Housing Communities," available as of January 2024 for download or in print by contacting Brittany Boznanski in the GME office.

  • Malpractice Coverage: UC is self-insured for professional liability insurance. Residents and fellows are covered for work within the course and scope of their UCSF program. They are not covered for external moonlighting. Proof of insurance, as well as claims history, may be obtained by contacting UCSF Risk Management.

  • Sustainability: The Office of Sustainability is focused on protecting the health and safety of the UCSF community and those we impact, through addressing carbon neutrality, zero waste, water conservation, sustainable food, toxics reduction, green procurement, green buildings, and shifting culture.

Parking and Transportation
  • FastPay: FastPay allows you to use your UCSF ID badge to make food purchases at UCSF retailers. Please go to https://nutrition.ucsfmedicalcenter.org/fastpay/ for more information.

  • Parking at UCSF: Residents and fellows are eligible to purchase HS parking permits for PayByPhone single-day parking permits for parking at various UCSF Campuses. Please go to https://campuslifeservices.ucsf.edu/transportation/services/parking for more information.

  • Transportation Resources: UCSF Transportation provides services to meet the transportation needs of the UCSF community, including parking, shuttles, a pre-tax commute savings program, alternative transportation options, and bike racks and permits. Please go to https://campuslifeservices.ucsf.edu/transportation/?goto=start for more information.

  • Taxi Vouchers: To ensure that residents and clinical fellows are able to get home safely after working long hours, both UCSF Medical Center and San Francisco General Hospital offer taxi vouchers. These vouchers can be picked up at each hospital in the event that a trainee is unable to safely drive home. Learn more here.

  • Housestaff Information Booklet: The Housestaff Information Booklet contains all UCSF GME policies.

  • Malpractice Coverage: UC is self-insured for professional liability insurance. Residents and fellows are covered for work within the course and scope of their UCSF program. They are not covered for external moonlighting. Proof of insurance, as well as claims history, may be obtained by contacting UCSF Risk Management.

Safety at UCSF
  • UCSF Police Department: The UCSF Police Department is committed to making UCSF a safe place to live, work, study, and visit.

Teaching Resources
  • Medical Student Assessment: Residents and fellows play an integral role in the education and assessment of UCSF medical students. For more information on the medical student assessment program, please review:

Resident Roles in Teaching, Feedback and Evaluation PDF

Resident Roles in Teaching, Feedback and Evaluation Presentation by Dean Hauer

Feedback Loop Graphic

BBOT Feedback Samples

  • UCSF Mobile App: The UCSF Mobile App provides real-time information, including shuttle arrivals/departures, parking information, and more.
UCSF Health and Patient Care
  • Hot Topics for Physicians to Comply with Joint Commission: Please review the following document to become more familiar with important Joint Commission rules and regulations. Physician Hot Topic e-version

  • Interpreter Services – UCSF Health: UCSF Health requires the use of qualified professional interpreters for patient care. Please review the following document to learn how to access a qualified professional interpreter: Interpreter Services Helpful Hints GME Orientation. Interpreter Services has prepared a tool to identify someone’s preferred language for discussing healthcare, which will aid in determining whether an interpreter is needed. Preferred Language ID Card. Residents and fellows who think they could be certified as bilingual to communicate with patients should review the following document: Bilingual Pocket Card

  • Radiology Safety at UCSF: UCSF Health has important radiology safety and quality guidelines. Please review the following two documents. Contrast + Safety Update for Trainees

Well-being Resources
  • Faculty and Staff Assistance Program: The UCSF Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) provides UCSF employees, including residents and fellows, with confidential psychological counseling and consultation services.

  • Lactation Resources: The UCSF Lactation Accommodation Program is committed to helping lactating members of the UCSF community return to work and continue to provide milk. There, you can find information on how to register for the program, a list of lactation rooms (and how to make reservations for those in which they are needed), and additional resources.

  • Well-Being and Mental Health Resources: UCSF has many well-being and mental health resources available to residents and fellows.  Visit the GME Well-being webpage for more information.

  • Wellness and Community: Campus Life Services provides services and opportunities to build community and promote wellness, including providing volunteering opportunities, events, a wellness resources hub, discounts, and more.