GME College

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) College is a forum for residents, fellows, health profession learners, and faculty to learn about core topics in Graduate Medical Education. The GME College serves not only as a curriculum in and of itself but also as an opportunity to observe model curricula in action and to discuss with content and curricular experts ways to adopt, build, and adapt curricula into training programs.

2020-2021 GME College Schedule 

Well-Being Series

The well-being series promotes the development of skills and approaches to well-being, including strategies to mitigate burnout and optimize a fulfilling professional career. 

Teaching Series
WILD Series

Women in Leadership Development (WILD) is a series of evening talks, workshops, and networking sessions available GME-wide to all women residents and fellows at UCSF. 

Showcase Series

This series showcases new curricular sessions and best practices in emerging competency areas.

DEI Series

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) series promotes knowledge and skills in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the clinical learning environment. 


Upcoming Graduate Medical Education Events

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