GME College

GME College is a workshop series designed to empower our residents, fellows, and other health professions education learners with essential life and career skills. These workshops cover a wide range of topics to help participants navigate their personal and professional journeys successfully. By bringing together expert facilitators and mentors, they provide a stimulating environment where individuals can refine their leadership capabilities, enhance their communication and interpersonal skills, learn about financial health, cultivate efficient time management strategies, and learn other important skills. GME College aims to equip our learners with the tools they need to thrive in their chosen fields, fostering personal growth, and enabling them to excel in both their careers and personal lives. 

DEI Series
Teaching Series
Well-Being Series

The well-being series promotes the development of skills and approaches to well-being, including strategies to mitigate burnout and optimize a fulfilling professional career. 

WILD Series

Women in Leadership Development (WILD) is a series of evening talks, workshops, and networking sessions available GME-wide to all women residents and fellows at UCSF. 

Upcoming Graduate Medical Education Events

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