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The Academy and the Learning and Caring Environment (LACE)

Photo by Elisbeth Fall

Photo by Elisbeth Fall

Center for Faculty Educators newest program, Learning and Caring Environment (LACE) plans to work with the Academy, education research, and faculty development programs to optimize the clinical learning environment with the vision to “support clinical faculty to co-create learning environments that optimize learning and well-being for all involved.”diagram of CFE programming

Academy members have an important role in helping move LACE forward.  How can this work can be aligned with Academy service and the Academy’s mission?

The Academy's summer meeting in June gave Academy members the opportunity to have an overview of the LACE Initiative and discuss several key issues for Academy members to consider how to create engagement opportunities that align with the LACE vision:LACE Online Web Resources Homepage

  • AME members as champions of LACE
  • AME members as experts for workplace-based faculty development
  • AME members as creators of faculty development materials

As the Academy continues to develop opportunities to align, LACE is currently developing online resources to offer clinical faculty easy-to-access learning resources. Academy participation is important in developing and expanding these resources. This content will link directly from CFE's faculty development resources and create and improve faculty development opportunities for our educator community at UCSF and beyond.

This presentation is also available on UCSF Box - Academy Online Resources