Residency Application & Matching Resources

AAMC's Roadmap to Residency Guide

This guide, from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), provides an overview of the process for getting into residency. 


General timeline of important dates in the residency application cycle.

Application and Match Procedures

Information on letters of recommendation, how to apply, and the Match.

Career Advisors

UCSF faculty who have been selected by their department to advise medical students through the specialty selection and residency application process.

Post-Match Reports

Data on UCSF students who have recently matched into residency programs, and their advice for applicants in that specialty.

Match Results Summary

Summary data on number of UCSF students matching into each specialty over the past 20 years.


The American Medical Association's database of graduate medical education programs (free account required).


Information on the UCSF Medical Student Performance Evaluations (aka, "the Dean's Letter").

Writing Letters of Recommendation

Information and guidelines for letter writers. 

AAMC Report on Residents

An online collection of tables that provide information on certain characteristics of residency applicants and residents, as well as information on outcomes of residents.