Specialty Matches

student celebrating with parent on match day 2019

match day 2019

Electronic Residency Application Service & National Resident Matching Program (NRMP)

Most specialties participate in the NRMP's Main Residency Match, which matches applicants' preferences for residency positions with program directors’ preferences for applicants. Applications for participation in the match are handled through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

Certain specialties require a different match process. If you intend to participate in any of the following matches, please consult with your specialty Career Advisors for guidance. Students intending to go into the Couples Match, should meet with one of the Co-Directors of Career Advising.

SF Match

Ophthalmology applicants apply and match through SF Match. However, applicants will also need to apply to preliminary programs through ERAS and match to those programs through the NRMP.

Ophthalmology & Urology Matches

Ophthalmology and Urology do not participate in the NRMP and have “early match” dates. However, applicants to a preliminary and transitional program will likely match into these programs through the NRMP. Matching for Ophthalmology programs is handled by SF Match. Matching for Urology programs is handled by the American Urological Association.

Couples Matching

Applicants who want to match with a spouse, significant other, or friend, can enter the NRMP as a couple. The Ophthalmology and Urology matches do not offer couples matching.