Medical Student Performance Evaluation

The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) is a written transcript of the student's performance in medical school and a required component of the residency application. The School of Medicine prepares MSPEs for all students regardless of their residency application plans in accordance with the AAMC’s guidelines.

Sample MSPEs:

Providing information for the MSPE

Students will be contacted by email in April of the year before they graduate with instructions on how to submit a current CV and complete an MSPE Info Form to highlight their significant activities and accomplishments during medical school.
Students have the opportunity to review and correct factual errors before MSPEs are finalized and sent to residency programs.

The format of the MSPE

MSPEs include the following:

  • Noteworthy Characteristics: three short paragraphs organized by theme or topic that include students’ activities or accomplishments during medical school. The student selects which characteristics are included in this section.
  • Academic History: information on matriculation and expected graduation dates, and any extensions in educational program or time off.
  • Academic Progress: summary evaluation comments and/or grades from courses and clerkships. This section must include details of any non-passing grades or remediation. Standard descriptions are also included in the MSPE for curriculum, special programs (JMP, MD/MAS, MSTP, PRIME), and clinical tracks (LIFE, Model SFGH, KLIC, PISCES, VALOR). Program directors also contribute summaries for students who participated in the JMP, MSTP, and PRIME.
  • Summary: A statement of the student’s fulfillment of the requirements to date in medical school, and diversity statement (if applicable).
  • Medical School Information: An appendix that lists information about the School and composition of the MSPE. 

Evaluations included in the MSPE

Summary evaluation comments are included for FPC or CMC, all Foundations 2 core clerkships, and Career Launch clerkships and courses that submit final evaluations by a September deadline determined annually by the MSPE team.

Summary evaluation comments are edited for grammar in the MSPE, but not for content. Students must submit any requests for revisions to summary comments to the course director within four weeks of an evaluation being completed.

The MSPE adjective

The UCSF School of Medicine does not assign an MSPE adjective or class rank.

MSPE addenda

At the discretion of the Associate Dean for Competency Assessment and Professional Standards, an MSPE may be addended to include all evaluations received after the MSPE was originally transmitted. An addendum becomes a permanent part of the MSPE. Please contact LJ with questions.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I request my MSPE for fellowship applications?

A. For fellowship applications through ERAS, please first email Sheila Salapare ( to let her know of your request, then submit an electronic request through the EFDO Medical Institution Document Upload Service (MIDUS) to have your MSPE uploaded, and include Sheila Salapare's contact information:

Sheila Salapare
Student Assessment Coordinator
Medical Student Education
533 Parnassus Ave, Rm U-80
San Francisco, CA 94143

Our office can also upload your UCSF transcript via MIDUS. Link for ordering transcripts:  Please order a PDF transcript.  
After obtaining the PDF, please send your transcript in PDF form, or the pick-up codes to Sheila Salapare (, in an email that includes explicit permission for the School of Medicine to re-release your transcript to ERAS. The email should say: "I give permission to the SOM to disclose my transcript for my applications to programs administered by the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).”
It is essential that the School of Medicine obtain this permission from you so we remain in compliance with federal privacy regulations. Additionally, submit a request in MIDUS for your transcript to be uploaded and enter the contact information above.

To have your MSPE sent directly to a program or institution, please email the contact information to Sheila Salapare (

Please note: It is our policy to send MSPEs directly to ERAS or to the program/institution. We do not release official MSPEs directly to students or alumni.

Q: Will I be able to review my MSPE before it is finalized?

A: Yes, MSPE drafts for MS4s are available in late August for review. Students receive an email with their MSPE draft and instructions for review.

Q: I am applying in an early match specialty (ophthalmology or urology). Will my MSPE be sent earlier to programs?

A: MSPEs are released on the yearly national release date, regardless of specialty. September 29, 2021 is the national release date for the 2022 Residency Cycle, and programs will not expect your MSPE before then.

Additional questions regarding MSPEs

Please contact LJ Moore-McClelland at