Foundations 1 Electives

The list below documents electives that change from quarter to quarter. This is a partial listing; additional electives may be advertised on separate announcements or offered by other schools.

Supervised Study and Laboratory Project Course Offerings: Please see the Registrar's Course Catalog.

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*Review MD Competencies referenced in elective listings: 

  • Patient Care (PC)
  • Medical Knowledge (MK)
  • Practice-Based Learning & Improvement (PBLI)
  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills (ICS)
  • Professionalism (Prof)
  • Systems-Based Practice (SBP)

Pathways to Inquiry referenced in elective listings: 

  • Clinical & Translational Research (CTR): Clinical and translational research that improves health and relieves suffering. Broad range of research areas linking laboratory discoveries to medical advances that improve health for individuals and populations.
  • Global Health (GH): Decreasing the health inequities and disparities in populations throughout the world.
  • Health and Society (H&S): Advance health by engaging society, such as health disparities, policy, social and behavioral science, leadership and advocacy, community engagement.
  • Health Professions Education (HPE): Develop innovators, scholars, and leaders in the field of health professions education.
  • Molecular Medicine (MMP): Clinical practice combined with disease-oriented laboratory research in areas such as immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, neuroscience, human genetics.

Inter-Professional Level of Learning2 referenced in elective listings: Adapted by Dr. Susan Hyde from Reeves S, Lewin S, Espin S, Zwarenstein M (2010) Interprofessional Teamwork for Health and Social Care. Blackwell-Wiley, London.

  • Interprofessional Education (I): Members (or students) of two or more health and/or social care professions engage in learning with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the delivery of care.
  • Multiprofessional Education (M): Members (or students) of two or more professions learn alongside one another; in other words, parallel rather than interactive learning.
  • Uniprofessional Education (U): Education that is undertaken by individuals within the same profession.

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