Self-Directed Teaching (or Educator) Resources

Man in medical scrubs sitting outside at daytime at their laptop

Don't have time to attend a workshop?  Prefer to do module online at midnight?  Here are some resources for you.

CFE Independent Learning Resources
Medical Education Policies
Medical Education Teaching Resources 
Other UCSF Teaching Resources
  • Anti-Racism Primer and Toolkit for Medical Educators 
    A structured approach to equip new and existing faculty with tools to engage learners in topics of health disparities, social justice, bias, and racism in the classroom and clinical environment. 
  • Center for Innovation in Interprofessional Education
    Ensuring that students and trainees in health professions build an interprofessional skill set that will ultimately increase patient safety, reduce errors, maximize efficiencies, and improve quality of care. 
  • UCSF Faculty Mentoring Program
    Ensuring that all UCSF faculty have access to quality mentoring and that mentoring is recognized across the campus as a key aspect of faculty life.
  • UCSF Library Classes  
    Free workshops and special events brought to you by UCSF Library staff.
  • UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach
    A central resource on campus and health system for internal and external community members highlighting news and programming that foster a collaborative culture.
Online Learning Catalogs (outside UCSF)