Innovations Funding Proposal Submission

Please review the current cycle PDF below. You can access the 2023 Innovations Funding for Education forum in Open Proposals for funding examples from last year's cycle.

ESCape Scholarship Consultation (Optional)

The Academy expects each funded proposal to make a significant contribution to the medical education literature.

The Academy encourages proposal authors to participate in a scholarship consultation at the weekly Educational Scholarship Conference (ESCape) organized by the Office of Medical Education. Experts in curriculum development, learner assessment, and program evaluation are available to share feedback and advice for your proposal.

To schedule a consultation, contact Specify that this is for an Innovations Funding grant proposal.


Questions about the proposal submission process or the Innovations Funding program in general can be directed to Kathleen Land at or (415) 514-9259.

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2024-2025 AME and PIPE Joint Call for Proposals