Funding Opportunities

The CFE provides funding sources for faculty educators and researchers at UCSF


Innovations Funding Program

Through the AME's Innovations Funding program, support is given to faculty who research, create and implement new ways of teaching complex diagnostic and treatment skills that will advance the quality of health care. The program supports development of new curricular elements, focused faculty development undertakings, comparison of pedagogical approaches, and innovative approaches to learner assessment. Open to all faculty, these intramural grants serve as a catalyst for the development of curriculum that addresses the constantly changing ways in which physicians practice medicine.

Education Research Seed Grant Program

CFE offers a small grants program with up to $5000 per project for UCSF faculty to pursue education research efforts for health professions learners at all levels of development (undergraduate, graduate, and continuing.) These grants support research costs such as: research assistant, equipment, data collection, preparation and analysis, software, participant recruitment, production of materials, or dissemination.

Learn About Financial Support for Travel and External Faculty Development Programs (Academy Members)

The Leadership Committee of the Academy of Medical Educators has approved the following policy governing support for Academy members' travel and accommodations for professional development activities. The policy reflects the mission of the Academy: to foster excellence in teaching; to support and reward teachers; to advance scholarship in medical education; and to promote curricular innovation.