Academy Service Expectations

Members in good standing will:

  • Maintain the high level of work in education and teaching that qualified them for membership
  • Provide significant contributions toward advancing the Academy's mission
  • Actively participate in Academy activities and attend Academy events

Members annually document participation and service:

I. Participation in Academy Administration and Activities. (Excluding direct teaching)

Examples include but are not limited to:

II. Academy Function Attendance. (50% of activities over a 2-year period.)

  • Academy-wide Meetings (3-4 per year; generally winter meeting is offered at numerous sites)
  • Education Showcase (one per year)
  • Induction of New Members (one per year)

We strive to balance the need to preserve a functional and cohesive community of educators with mounting faculty productivity and time pressures. To that end, we ask members to reflect proactively about their academic interests and commitments, and how these interface with the Academy’s mission and goals. In many cases, educational activities in which members will engage anyway, on a departmental or curricular level, would also fulfill Academy service expectations.

The “feedback loop” is key: How do your activities inform the Academy, and how does your Academy membership inform your activities?

Learn more about qualifying Academy Service