Equity and Justice in Education (EJE)

from left, Jennifer Perkins and Denise DavisWhat is the Equity and Justice in Education (EJE)?

The Center for Faculty Educators hosts Equity and Justice in Education (EJE), pronounced (“edge”), meetings to empower educators, educational researchers, and learners to utilize rigorous educational research methodology to identify bias and unequal power distribution to advance equitable and inclusive solutions in opportunity and achievement across the continuum of health sciences education.

The EJE group will continue with its monthly meetings and all newcomers are welcome. EJE is also launching a new process for identifying and developing a list of faculty working in the area to better connect learners to projects and mentors while building the community of faculty engaged in this work. Please stay tuned for more details!  

Goals of EJE: 

  • Promote, support, and guide educational scholarship on equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion in health sciences education.
  • Question ongoing educational practices to investigate implicit and explicit inequities along the continuum of health sciences education. 
  • Translate outcomes from research into solutions for equity in education practice.
  • Create a tight-knit community of education equity scholars who learn from, provide ongoing feedback to, and work with one another to generate quality educational research.
  • Ultimately, produce research leaders committed to advancing scholarship and science in education equity and justice.

Who Can Attend?

The monthly EJE will be open to health science education scholars, educators, and learners working on scholarship in equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion.

What to Expect?

  • EJE is a supportive community and to build connections and maintain a safe space for dialogue we ask that all participants provide a brief introduction when joining.
  • EJE will encourage faculty and learners from all departments and levels to present and refine their scholarship through works-in-progress monthly meetings and a peer-review system for equity-focused grants and manuscripts. 
  • EJE will also occasionally include a special speaker series and journal clubs on timely topics of interest to the research community.
  • The EJE community will be made aware of and connected to CFE sessions that would be helpful to them such as Medical Education Grand Rounds, Research Certificate offerings, and Writing workshops.

When and Where?

  • To meet its aims, regular attendance is EJE is encouraged although guests are welcome.
  • Register for upcoming EJE meetings to receive the Zoom link

Who Will Co-Lead EJE?


Katherine Lupton

Kate Lupton, MD, FACP

Associate Clinical Professor, Medicine

If you have any questions, please contact Maria Pappas, CFE Faculty Development Coordinator at maria.pappas@ucsf.edu.