Image Resources

CaduceusHave you ever needed an image for a presentation but weren’t able to find the right one? Here you will find a list of resources you can use to locate and download images for your lectures and presentations. Resources that include a significant proportion of Creative Commons imagery are identified by (CC). Several sites may contain their own usage terms.

These images are organized into four categories: Medical & Science, UCSF Brand & Culture, Creative Commons/Public Domain, and Stock Imagery.

Medical and Science Images

UCSF Brand and Culture

These sites will help you find UCSF brand-appropriate imagery of UCSF people and locations.


Creative Commons & Public Domain Images

Google searchExploring these sites will involve broadening your search beyond just health- and medical-related images.

  • Flickr- search by license, colors, pattern - searchable by reuse rights
  • Flickr Commons - a subsite of Flickr focused on library image collections with many historical photos
  • The Noun Project - a large archive of icons, (CC) and for purchase
  • Pixabay – (CC) licensed for remixing and commercial use, see usage information, search by color
  • Wikimedia Commons - a wide variety of public domain images, possibly useful for finding general medical images
  • Free Images of People via World Images - an image database from California State University, may be useful for finding art-related medical imagery, see usage information
  • Europeana - a database of imagery from collections in Europe, may be useful for finding historical medical imagery, searchable by reuse rights
  • Google Images Search - use Search tools to search by Usage rights

Stock Images

If you are looking for a very specific type of image, and have a budget to work with, these sites are where you should start. All of these leading stock image sites have a selection of medical and scientific imagery available for purchase, with a variety of pricing tiers based on the user’s intended usage, and the quality desired.