Student Life

What is life like as a UCSF medical student? We asked a few current medical students, and they shared videos of a typical day in their life at UCSF.

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Day in the Life of a MS3

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Day in the Life of a MS4

Campus and Clinical Sites

UCSF Clinical Learning Sites

With an unparalleled diversity of clinical sites serving a variety of patient populations, UCSF offers medical students the opportunity to learn and train throughout San Francisco, the Bay Area, and beyond. 

Medical Student Groups

Learn more about student associations and groups at UCSF:

Medical Student Services

  • UCSF Student Disability Services
    UCSF has a proud history of welcoming students with all types of disabilities into the School of Medicine. We pride ourselves in giving individualized consideration of each student’s abilities, the functional impact of their disability, and program standards in order to devise creative and innovative accommodation solutions to ensure equitable access to students with disabilities.

    If you need accommodations or would like to speak with the Student Disability Services office, please visit the UCSF Student Disability Services webpage and contact them to discuss your unique situation further.
  • Medical Student Well-Being Program
    UCSF strives to provide support for our students' mental and physical health, as well as spiritual, financial, environmental, and social well-being. Our priority is to support our students’ well-being through a variety of resources and programs available on-campus and through the medical school.
  • Student Experience Team
    At the UCSF School of Medicine, the Student Experience Team (SET) provides the support and resources you need to thrive in medical school, as you navigate career choices, and as you transition to residency training. 

UCSF Student Services

Other UCSF Services