Student Organizations

Student Government

Associated Students of the School of Medicine (ASSM) - The School of Medicine's Student Governing Body. (Website requires login to Group Portal.) Contact [email protected].

Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) - GPSA develops, promotes, and regulates professional and graduate student governments and activities.

Registered Clubs & Organizations

Registered Clubs & Organizations (RCOs) cover a broad range of interests, including educational, social, cultural, artistic, recreational, political and spiritual. Any volunteer organization whose membership is comprised primarily of UCSF students, faculty, and/or staff may apply for registration. For more information on registration, benefits, and a complete list of RCOs, please visit the Office of Student Life's online management system for RCOs at

Interest Groups

Getting involved with interest groups is a great way for students to learn more about various careers in medicine. Students connect with faculty, community physicians, residents, and senior medical students to learn more about: career and professional options, career lifestyles, research and educational opportunities, shadowing opportunities, schedule planning, residency application tips/resources.

Full List of Specialty Interest Groups
Group Name Contact Information Advisor(s)
Bioethics Interest Group [email protected] Angelo Marsiglio
Black Men in Medicine

[email protected]

Rosny Daniel
Brain Interest Group [email protected] Alexandra Nelson
Dermatology Interest Group [email protected] Ryan Arakaki
Emergency Medicine Interest Group [email protected] Aaron Harries
Family Medicine Interest Group [email protected] Margo Vener
Global Cancer Interest Research Group [email protected] Katherine Steitz
Global Surgery Student Alliance at UCSF Health [email protected] Michael Lipnick
Health Policy Interest Group [email protected] Ari Hoffman
Health Technology Interest Group [email protected] Aenor Sawyer
Internal Medicine Interest Group [email protected] Cindy Lai
Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group [email protected] Anand Dhruva
Muriel Steele Society Medical Student Committee [email protected]

Lucy Kornblith

Madhulika Varma

Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group [email protected] Madhulika Varma
Oncology Interest Group [email protected] Michelle Hermiston
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Interest Group [email protected] Patricia Loftus
Pathology Student Interest Group [email protected] Rageshree Ramachandran
Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Health Sciences Education [email protected] Sally Graglia
Psychiatry Interest Group at UCSF [email protected] Madeleine Lansky
Society of Women in Medicine; [email protected] Catherine Lomen-Hoerth
Student National Medical Association [email protected] Denise Davis
Students for Organized Medicine [email protected] Jack Resneck
Surgery Interest Group [email protected] Andre Campbell
The Healer's Art [email protected] Steven Bromer

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