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The Center for Faculty Educators (CFE or "The Center") is the home to the Academy of Medical Educators; internationally recognized education scholars; and the volunteer clinical professor series faculty. We provide community, mentorship, recognition, career growth and skills development in teaching and educational scholarship to the faculty and staff committed to innovation and excellence in health professions education.


To be a preeminent center that develops, supports, and celebrates health professions educators and scholars.


  • The Center provides coordinated support and expertise for Academy members and all faculty members seeking community, mentorship, recognition, career development, scholarly work, skill-building, and teaching opportunities.
  • All faculty are recognized for their expertise, have a community in which they thrive, and achieve excellence as teachers and educators.

Intent of the Center

  • The faculty are the creative engine, and are supported by skilled staff who enhance our impact. Together, we create a community of practice, develop innovators, leaders and researchers in health professions education, and improve the quality of teaching at UCSF.
  • The Academy of Medical Educators remains a vital voice for educators at UCSF and beyond for innovation, career development and scholarship in education.
  • UCSF’s outstanding educational research will continue to inform our health professions education and faculty development locally, nationally and internationally.
  • UCSF full-time and volunteer clinical professor series faculty can access teaching opportunities, skills development and mentoring to advance as educators.
For Academy of Medical Educators

As a resource to the Center for Faculty Educators and all schools at UCSF, the Academy strives to support educators and improve and enrich teaching in every department though the Academy’s established programs and partnerships. Access Academy programs and membership information for current members or those interested in applying for membership.

For Educational Leaders

Educational leaders are in charge of educational development for groups of faculty through curriculum committees, courses, residency programs, departmental divisions or entire departments.

We work with these leaders to design solutions for the educational skills needs of their faculty, identify existing faculty development offerings that may meet their needs, or to design needs assessments to discover those needs, whether spurred by curricular change, accreditation requirements, or other factors. We encourage offerings to occur within the context of an existing meeting to maximize participation.

Our approaches and resources include:


  • Offer an array of options that fit the needs of committees, programs, divisions, and departments.
  • Design offerings that fit existing meetings so as to align with naturally occurring opportunities.
For Education Scholars

CFE offers a many services to support education research and scholarship.

A community of researchers and scholars are ready to offer assistance, consultations, and support for your education research and scholarly works. We also provide a list of opportunities for you to present your work regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Resources and support for your education research and scholarship endeavors:

For Educators
For Resident and Students

Trainees’ educational skills are essential to their roles in medical student education, as future faculty, and as lifelong learners.

The CFE provides a range of relevant programs that are accessible to residents and fellows:

For Volunteer Clinical Professors

Volunteer Clinical Professors are important partners in medical education at UCSF

The Volunteer Clinical Professor (VCP) is a board-certified health care professional who teaches in various clinical settings, and plays a significant role in advancing UCSF’s mission to transform health care. Being a Volunteer Clinical Professor is a valuable way for physicians to engage on a part-time, non-salaried, voluntary basis in the areas of teaching, system-change research and clinical expertise. Please refer to the School of Medicine's Medical Student Education Policy for Volunteer Clinical Professors.

The Center for Faculty Educators (CFE) supports the VCP by providing: