Faculty Development Consultations


UCSF is fortunate to have a group of faculty prepared as educational researchers with doctorates in education. They bring many years of experience to help individuals interested in educational scholarship in the health professions to design conceptually well-grounded and rigorously administered research.  CFE’s free consultation options include one-on-one meetings, group scholarship critiques, and consultations for education leaders on faculty development activities within their departments, programs, or courses. 


  • Direct individuals toward relevant conceptual framing, literature and design for educational scholarship.
  • Facilitate the quality of educational research by building on previous research and methods.
  • Connect individuals with services and other resources to encourage educational investigations.

Individual Consultations

Faculty or learners seeking advice and/or assistance with educational scholarship can consult individually with CFE faculty. We provide a range of services, with the goal of helping individuals develop skills to work independently. Individuals can request a consultation and are assigned a CFE faculty member with expertise that meets their needs.

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Group Consultations

At weekly "ESCape" sessions, participants typically work on developing educational scholarship through brainstorming an idea, refining an abstract or grant proposal, or critiquing a manuscript prior to submission. Regular participation builds breadth and experience in research through hearing what is shared about others’ projects, and encourages the growth of a research community at UCSF.

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Faculty Development Design Consultations

We work with committees, programs and departments to design faculty development offerings tailored to the educational needs of their faculty. These can be as brief as 15 minutes or as long as grand rounds. We also help chairs, program directors, and chiefs identify current faculty development offerings that may meet their needs, and to design needs assessments and other methods to discover those needs. Our approaches and resources include: Faculty Development Express, Pearls on Educational Principles, and Competency-Based Education and Assessment.  The CFE tailors materials and workshops as needed, and recommends that tailored offerings occur within the context of an existing meeting to maximize participation.

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