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Educators Up Close: Faculty Interview - Beth Harleman, MD

A Conversation with Beth Harleman, Associate Chair for Faculty Experience in the Dept. of Medicine
 |  By Oralia Schatzman, Department of Medicine
group of faculty members
Photo by Elisabeth Fall

group of faculty members

Beth Harleman, MDOur educator community at UCSF provides an opportunity to recognize faculty and share their stories. Academy member Beth Harleman, MD (Sustaining membership; class of 2005) was recently featured by the department of medicine. In her new role as the Associate Chair for Faculty Experience in the Department of Medicine, Dr. Harleman supports faculty at varying stages of their career at UCSF, providing support and resources supporting well-being, promotion and training, and building community that help shape the department's core values.

What motivates you to so intensely pursue the academic and professional excellence you exemplify?
I’m fortunate that I’ve always been supported, cared for and protected from much of the economic suffering that our patients experience. Yet because of the way that I grew up and the life my parents exposed me to, I sometimes see myself in patients’ situations, like when they don’t have access to basics like healthcare. I also have a deep respect for the strength it takes to manage in the midst of hardship. At the heart of everything I do, what drives me is a sense of responsibility and joy in being with and taking care of patients – even negative interactions are a way of connecting and learning. I feel so lucky and privileged to be working here, to have this job, to have this title, to have this authority, and I never want to fall short of my expectation of doing my best for my patients.

In terms of both medicine and education, I operate from my heart. Read Beth's Full Interview