Bridges Curriculum Overview

A new curriculum for a new era of medicine: transforming the future of healthcare

UCSF's approach to medical education engages students from the beginning of their training, in improving healthcare and answering some of the biggest questions in medicine. Launched in August 2016, the Bridges Curriculum helps guide students in mastering the skills they need to meet the challenges of 21st century healthcare. Some highlights that students experience include:

  • A longitudinal clerkship, the Clinical Microsystems Clerkship (CMC): Students learn how to help patients navigate a complex healthcare system while also improving the health of populations and effectiveness of health care systems from the beginning of their training in Foundations 1.
  • Close mentorship and a personalized advising system: A system to support the student's entry into the profession of medicine.
  • A flexible learning environment: Integrate active classroom sessions enabled by online learning tools.
  • Dedicated time to engage in scholary projects: Conduct scholarship in one of the core domains of science instrumental to solving today's healthcare challenges.
  • Opportunities to individualize clinical and scientific learning to support career goals.
  • Inquiry Curriculum: Inquiry is designed to help students recognize the limits of current knowledge, engage in scientific discovery and approach healthcare problems through various lenses from the six domains of science.