Schedule a Session

The Kanbar Center accommodates simulation activities for all four UCSF schools and the physical therapy program. We recommend that you contact us as far in advance as possible to schedule your sessions.

Important information to know:

  • All programs require faculty support and a faculty member has to be present during all sessions.
  • New programs require individual consultation to ensure that we can best meet your needs.
  • We strongly encourage scheduling a pilot run for all new programs, especially if you are developing new scenario-based simulations.
  • We have a priority scheduling system based on various factors, including type of program, number of learners, interprofessional nature of program and effective/efficient use of Kanbar space.
  • We offer curriculum development support, scenario templates and sample assessment tools through the collaborative learning environment.
  • All tours need to be pre-scheduled, and opportunities for tours are limited. 
  • Sessions can only be scheduled during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Scheduling steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the online Kanbar Center Intake FORM that will provide us with the information and details about the educational activity: Course Title, Course Number, Course Objective, Activity Type, Number of Students, Number of Faculty, Session Duration, Preferred Dates and Times to schedule the activity, and Indicate if this a New activity or Recurrent program.
  2. Kanbar staff will contact you within three business days to get additional information as needed
  3. A consultation will be set up within 5 business days to discuss and confirm the setup and support needs for the program to be scheduled
  4. After consultation, scheduling will be finalized.

The Teaching and Learning Center's small break out rooms and large classrooms are administered by Education Technology Services.